Thursday, 17 March 2011

Back to Fat.

Yep, so anyway I'm fat again. And so it had to be done. I've gone back to weightwatchers. All that sitting on my arse crocheting has taken its toll so I'm going to use my crafty blog as a recipe blog too, as I seem to be eating more than crafting at the moment.

Hopefully people will find this useful too. I find the weightwatchers recipes ok, but 'Devilled Eggs' really? I can eat 10 of those bad boys and not feel full up. And as for your 'Plum and Raspberry pancakes with hot chocolate sauce' sounds great but really, after a day at work and a gym session, I can't be doing with that, I need REAL food.

So these recipes are all about real food. Not 'half fat this, half fat that' but proper food using healthy options where possible but not to the detriment of taste.

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