Friday, 18 March 2011

Weekend Habits

If, by the end of the weekend, I haven't had something that resembles comfort food, i.e carb fest or curry or chinese or something that usually leaves me feeling bloated and horrible....I do feel like I've missed out.

I also feel like I've missed out if I haven't had a bottle of vino, or something sweet. So, in a bid to stay on track this weekend, I am a) going to bed without any wine on a FRIDAY!!! and b) I am choosing low pointy things for tomorrow so I can at least have a vino or a beer or two. I do like a curry and so I have chosen Kerala prawns for tomorrow. I will have it with rice or a pitta. I am determined to stay on track this weekend. It is my first weekend back in it so if I can do one weekend, I can do another. Here goes . . . .

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